Our model grants you financial stability and time multiplication to live more and earn more. Trading dollars for hours is no longer a path to achieving the American dream.

The path of today’s American dream is multiplying time. Benjamin Franklin said “time is money” and it was tough throughout the years that we had to change our time for money, we believe that by multiplying time you will earn more money.


We work with the world’s largest telecommunications company in the world. Our mission is to connect people with their world everywhere they live, work and play and do it better than anyone else.

why choose us?

Very often in corporate American people complain of being overlooked for job promotions that they feel they rightfully earned, being: given to someone else. In our company we have a system that focuses on personal growth, personal mobility that’s based on the hard work and results of each individual’s efforts. We provide you with the proper tools & training in a positive environment, a fast way to produce income quickly with the encouragement, support and guidance of a group of successful people.

We use the military ranking system to promote our agents. You dictate where you feel comfortable working in our company, whether it is a prospective Sergeant by starting to train people or whether you are a Sergeant First Class who has made management, whether you are a First Lieutenant to the company, proven to be a leader and have achieved a sizable team, or a Major that has added to the table more value to the growth of this company.

This is an opportunity to earn what you deserve and not have someone else determine your worth.


In the videos below you will view some of our successful strategic partners who took advantage of this opportunity and rethought possible!



After years of experience in several markets we got together and decided to open Phoenix Direct Marketing in 2013. In our collective management experience, we have over 100 years of experience in this business, and we have done it in 50 states nationwide.

We initially found our home with AT&T and in 3 short years we have climbed to #7 on the top 10 vendor list. We are now on a path of tremendous growth. In the same period of 3 years, we have become a telecom broker, working with multiple telecommunication providers nationwide. Based on our broad experience, we know how to coach you in particular markets, addressing specific market

needs throughout the U.S.